JUST THE TWO OF US – Wedding package

We have one rule only – “Just 2 people are needed” to make a crime :) and everything else we will sort easily.

To make a cute love crime we need just the two of you. If you want to be spontaneous, if you are traveling around Europe, if you are sailing along Adriatic coast, just make a short stop and get married on the island of Brač, which is perfect wedding destination.

Yes that’s right! If you decide to get married on this stunning island in Adriatic sea, just be relaxed and let us create the most intimate and romantic wedding story for you two. There is no need for anything else. We will find your best man and bridesmaid, arrange nice flowers,  find perfect spot for dinner and amazing locations for best wedding photos ever.

Just put your hands together, pick a date and leave everything else to our team.

All you need is love, guys! <3

Weddings Brač photo ceremony


Same-sex weddings - Island of Brač

Are you looking for a same-sex wedding? If so, contact us for the most important day of your life. Croatia is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries and last few years very popular in destination weddings. Hundreds of couples choose Croatia for their wedding location. Stunning coast and islands are definitely reasons to visit and spend some time in this interesting country. Delicious food, great wines, extra virgin olive oil are just some of additional reasons to come here.

If you decided to have destination wedding and to invite your family and friends on the other side of the world, we are here to help with realising wedding on the island of Brač. All gay and lesbian couples are welcome to contact us regarding all the details of a dream wedding.

In Croatia is legal to assemble a same-sex partnership, and if you are interested we will explain you all the details. Each step of planning and coordination will be covered by our team, which is completely on your disposal.

For all details about same-sex wedding on the island of Brač, please contact us:

Newlywed Gay Couple same sex weddings Brač

lesbian wedding same sex wedding

gay wedding same sex wedding

Wedding ceremony venue



Discover all the beauties of Brač island through great wine and food selection. If you are a foodie and wine lover this is definitely the right choice for you. Brač is one of the most beautiful islands in Adriatic Sea and it can become part of your love story.
We designed this wedding package for small wedding groups, max 20 people. Surprise your family and friends with premium wines paired with creative and tasty food courses based on local products. Small family winery in small island village creates perfect combination for personalized wedding story. Charming small village Dračevica is founded in 16th century is well known for wine, olive oil and cheese production. Small streets, stone houses and interesting architecture are part of this lovely scenario. Winery owners are very passionate about what they do, so they will give their best to present their wine and food in an extraordinary way. Together with them we’ll create intimate and romantic atmosphere in the garden of their wine cellar where you’ll experience your own fairy tale.








WOW: Make VW vintage van part of your wedding story

No, this is not a dream, this could be part of your personal wedding story! Imagine having this van for you and your bridesmaids coming in greatest style on your wedding ceremony. Everyone will be surprised and you will have thr original transport. Also, you will have great photos with this vintage piece of art in combination with stunning landscapes around Brač island. 


Don’t waste your time and book your vintage van now!








Remember your wedding day through the eternal motion

Dreaming about perfect and eternal memory of your wedding day? We have the best and most creative cinematographers working with us. You should relax during your big day, and let us create your romantic story. Best moments, emotions, family and friends will be all at one place.

You will definitely be happy to show your video everyone. Brač island is really great destination to get married its beautiful nature, crystal clear sea and stunning views will allow our cinematographer to make an unforgettable movie. With you in the main role.



Wedding stationery


Find a perfect and adorable wedding invitations in cooperation with our designer because they give guests glimmer at your wedding day. Wedding stationery is important part of your wedding day, so please don’t waste your time, tell us what you like, and we will transfer your wedding story on paper.

Regardless if you like rustic, modern, sweet, simple or golden and shiny, we will do everything to make it personalized.

Let your imagination work!

mock up pozivnicamala



Wedding on a landing ship – sounds attractive!


Adriatic Sea is a perfect ingredient for your extraordinary wedding ceremony. Put a smile on your face and tell all guests to bring swimsuits. Small renovated landing ship will wait for you in the port and your wedding adventure can start. There are few options of having wedding on this ship. First one is to have just wedding ceremony on the boat. Second one is to have wedding ceremony on the beach and party on the boat. Third one is wedding ceremony plus evening wedding party. And last option is “All day on board” which includes wedding ceremony with all day swimming and parting.

Navigating around the island of Brač, visiting small bays and swimming, enjoying with your family and friends all day long! Sounds perfect!










Say Yes in 16th century castle Gospodnetić

What do you think about small, intimate and rustic wedding in castle built in 16th century? I think it’s a great idea. Unique wedding with incredible story. If you decide to do that, you need to learn everything about Gospodnetić castle built on the hill in village of Dol, during  the Turkish-Venetian war. In that time, Turks were really close to Brač island, so it was used primarily to defend against possible Turkish attacks. House was rebuilt several times, but in the late 19th century was painted in characteristic red color, so today it’s even called red castle. Complete interior of 19th century has been preserved in the castle, so you can experience real vintage atmosphere during your photo shooting.

In this beautiful surrounding you can also try Hrapoćuša cake, famous cake of Brač island made of wall nuts. It’s even called “aphrodisiac from Brač”.

See you!

DIY Christmas gifts for all family

Personalized Christmas gifts for all family are always a good idea. You just need to roll up your sleeves and start. This year we made tea portions for two packed in small jars. Isn’t this cute? These gifts are made with love and care, and all you need is:

• Nice and tasty tea
• Small jars
• Decorative sticker labels for names
• Paper labels for message
• Jute rope
• “With love” stamp and ink
• After this your family will be so happy!


Blaca Monastery – great escape in the past

Today we will travel to past, to visit 16th century , home of Glagolitic priests running away from Turk attacks. You can reach this monastery from many directions, but always by foot. When they came, they built their home in cave and during the centuries their home turned into beautiful stone structure. They produced lot of wine, lot of olive oil and also lot of honey with unique bee cellars made from concrete slabs. In 18th century they expand their business to trade and big merchant ships. They lived there more than four centuries, until the death of its last administrator in 1963. Printing, library, school and observatory




• One of the priests got a small printing press from Milan and he established printing house in Blaca. First book was published in 1895 in an edition of 50 copies of the 270 pages of small format.

• Priests from Blaca have not forgotten their spiritual life so they preserved a library with thousands of books, of which a significant part of the time before 1800. Here you can find books about astronomy, mathematics, physics, geodesy, classic literature, fiction, as well as astronomical and geographical maps.

• School in Blaca was attended by children from the surrounding villages: Obršje, Dragovode and Smrka. Each day they walked to school more than hour, and they need to bring peace of wood like a “scholarship”. For example, in 1941, the school had 47students.

• During the twentieth century Blaca become known worldwide for its observatory, whose promoter was the last priest Don Nikola Milicevic younger. In the twenties of the 20th century he created a real observatory, with equipped library, instruments and telescopes.

• During his administration, world’s most famous explorers of the sky where visiting Blaca and looked through one of the largest telescopes in the Balkan area. The telescope weighs 900 kilos and was purchased in 1926. in Vienna. He calculated the movement of the comet Tuttle and determined its position in the sky in 1912.

After all those interesting facts you can see, that this beautiful monastery is phenomenon of human strength.

This is great opportunity for you, your friend and family to explore the island’s culture and history during this interesting island tour.



10 reason to get married on Brač island





When you decided to get married far from your home, destination of your wedding must be really special. So these are reasons why this is perfect wedding location:

1. Location – Brač island is located in Central Dalmatia, 50 minutes with ferry from Split which is well connected with all Europe by all means of transport (airplane, train, bus, boat). Once you arrive to Split it’s even easier to come on Brač Island because this is the most connected island with the mainland of all islands in the Adriatic Sea. Ferry departs almost every hour.
2. Charming venues – there are hundreds of beautiful locations perfect for your wedding. You can choose among small churches all around Brač, olive fields, forts, beaches, quarries, ancient remains, vineyards, cellars, boats and more.
3. Delicious local food – this island is heaven for gourmets. We have very good fish selection and best lamb specialties in Croatia. Local and authentic Dalmatian food is definitely great for all occasions.
4. Best wines – very nice part of our tradition is wine production. Famous for “Plavac mali” we can promise you that you will enjoy those wines. Visiting small vineyards and tasting different wines is unavoidable experience.
5. Culture –this is island with rich cultural and historic heritage. Interesting sites, small
churches, monasteries, forts and old villages are heaven for photographers and walkers.
6. Combining your wedding and honeymoon – Brač is not just great wedding location, it’s also perfect location for your honeymoon. After you get married, you don’t need to travel around because you are already on great place with beautiful things to visit, nice beaches, great food and wine and charming luxury villas and small hotels.
7. Beautiful beaches – everywhere you turn you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pebble and rock beaches. If you want to swim in one of world’s most popular beaches, we will get you there – it’s Zlatni rat beach.
8. Famous white stone – old Roman quarries, new active quarries, stonemasonry high school, small family workshops, talented sculptors – this is all part of our stonemasonry tradition of Brač island. We are proud of our pure white lime stone, which is famous all over the world. Part of White house is built with these stone, parliaments of in Vienna and Budapest and a large number of other buildings in Europe
9. Mild weather – Mediterranean climate – characterized by long, hot and dry summer and short, mild and wet winters.
10. Island with most beautiful view – highest in all Adriatic Sea, 778 meters high it provides you with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable view over the islands of Hvar and Vis, and in fine weather even Italy.

DIY: Make your own souvenir with our famous stone

Close your eyes and imagine this: It is perfect day today, don’t you think. Sun is shining, crickets are loud as always and you feel so creative. That’s why we are taking you to Donji Humac, one of the oldest villages on the island, famous for white lime stone. Surrounded with many quarries and small family workshops you can feel in each part of your body this traditional craft. You can even smell it.Stone dust. After visiting large workshop of Jakšić family, we continue walking to their gallery and atelier. We are passing through large dry walls specific to this area. How impressive. We are entering gallery and you listen the story about stone processing. You will hear all secrets, everything about techniques and stone sorts. You will hear everything about stonemasonry tradition. Just imagine picking big stone block. After you heard this interesting story, roll up your sleeves, because you are artist of the day. Together with artists from gallery, you will talk, draw, cut, shape, make your own small pieces of our famous white stone. This is so interesting, so just do it like a local!





You’re lucky! - Combining your wedding and honeymoon

Brač island is not just perfect location for your dream wedding, it’s also perfect location for combining your wedding with honeymoon. This island allows you to have an intimate wedding for you and your family and friends. After they fly back home, you can relax and enjoy like a newlyweds. You can choose between small hidden beaches, or swim the most popular one, Zlatni rat. You can taste best island wines, enjoy local food and walk cultural routes. If you feel adventurous, take a bike or kayak and enjoy sport day. Feel the true local spirit of Brač island off the beaten tracks.








Highest island in Adriatic Sea can offer you various activities. You will learn about island traditions, culture, nature, history and food. You’ll teste top quality wines and make your own souvenir from Brač stone. We suggest beautiful 8 day program:

Day 1: Arrival, accommodation and program presentation.

Day 2: Island introduction and learning about Brač culture and history. Visiting the oldest village on the island; Škrip and tasting local products in small family Olive oil museum. Visiting highest peak, Vidova gora.

Day 3: Extraordinary experience with you in the main role. Visiting Donji Humac, small village famous for stone quarries and workshops. You will visit family Jakšić, with tradition in stonemasonry for 112 years. Meeting artists, learning about stone and tools, and of course making your own stone souvenirs.

Day 4: Visiting 16th century monastery Blaca, built in the rocks on the southern slopes. It’s really impressive how they made their home. You’ll be fascinated.

Day 5: This perfect day will start with transfer to Dračevica, small village in central part of the island. You will meet local family with own wine production and hear everything about wine story. You will definitely love their 7 wines with 7 courses. Trust me, it’s delicious.

Day 6: Visiting Split and amazing Diocletian’s palace. You will enjoy great story about building Roman empire, fights, arts and saints.

Day 7: Last day is reserved for sweet traditional desert. Baking island cake is really good challenge.

Day 8: Departure.

Each day is followed by excellent lunch in local restaurants.