We are specialized in this charming Croatian island which is perfect location for you wedding.

BRAČ - One island. Thousand beauties.

Knowing each secret corner allows us to create your dream wedding. The largest island in Dalmatia, and the highest one in Croatia and the whole of the Adriatic Sea, 778 meters high it provides you with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable view over the islands of Hvar and Vis, and in fine weather even Italy. You are given the opportunity to explore every corner and detail of its rich historic heritage, culture and nature.

Turn on all your senses and reach the history of the Blaca Hermitage, conquer the cliffs of the island above the small place of Murvica and the Dragon Cave, walk the Olive Trek, sense the smell of olive oil, cross the bridge of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph, surf the waves on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world – Zlatni rat, taste the richness of Brač wines, become a part of Brač culture, meet the great artists of past and present – become a part of Brač. On the other hand, if you are interested in fun and adrenaline, be a part of the most interesting festivals in Croatia (Vanka regule – adrenaline festival, and Voi’sa – music festival).





This island is a heaven for true gourmets, so afford yourself some Brač lamb, the vitalac, good fish, octopus salad, island cheese and tasty deserts.

This beautiful island of stone will introduce you to old Roman quarries, but also to the most modern ones where stone is still being picked for various purposes. You can visit the Carving Trade School in Pućišća that has been carrying the stone carving skills for generations, since 1909, and if you are perhaps interested in trying out at this craft, you are most welcome in the Jakšić Gallery where you will engage in making your own stone souvenir.

Walking through nature you will get to know many of the island’s edible herbs, as well as beautiful pines, karst pastures grazed by sheep whose cheese is an unavoidable part of your journey. Explore fairy coves and karst, beaches covered in sand, dive in and get to know the rich underworld of the island.




If you want to come here, don’t worry it is so simple. First of all city of Split is well connected with all Europe by all means of transport (airplane, train, bus, boat). Once you arrive to Split it’s even easier to come on Brač Island because this is the most connected island with the mainland of all islands in the Adriatic Sea. Ferry departs almost every hour.

But if you want to come directly on Brač, that is also possible because we have airport. Just check flights on time.

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