10 reason to get married on Brač island

10 reason to get married on Brač island

When you decided to get married far from your home, destination of your wedding must be really special. So these are reasons why this is perfect wedding location:

1. Location – Brač island is located in Central Dalmatia, 50 minutes with ferry from Split which is well connected with all Europe by all means of transport (airplane, train, bus, boat). Once you arrive to Split it’s even easier to come on Brač Island because this is the most connected island with the mainland of all islands in the Adriatic Sea. Ferry departs almost every hour.

2. Charming venues – there are hundreds of beautiful locations perfect for your wedding. You can choose among small churches all around Brač, olive fields, forts, beaches, quarries, ancient remains, vineyards, cellars, boats and more.

3. Delicious local food – this island is heaven for gourmets. We have very good fish selection and best lamb specialties in Croatia. Local and authentic Dalmatian food is definitely great for all occasions.

4. Best wines – very nice part of our tradition is wine production. Famous for “Plavac mali” we can promise you that you will enjoy those wines. Visiting small vineyards and tasting different wines is unavoidable experience.

5. Culture –this is island with rich cultural and historic heritage. Interesting sites, small churches, monasteries, forts and old villages are heaven for photographers and walkers.

6. Combining your wedding and honeymoon – Brač is not just great wedding location, it’s also perfect location for your honeymoon. After you get married, you don’t need to travel around because you are already on great place with beautiful things to visit, nice beaches, great food and wine and charming luxury villas and small hotels.

7. Beautiful beaches – everywhere you turn you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pebble and rock beaches. If you want to swim in one of world’s most popular beaches, we will get you there – it’s Zlatni rat beach.

8. Famous white stone – old Roman quarries, new active quarries, stonemasonry high school, small family workshops, talented sculptors – this is all part of our stonemasonry tradition of Brač island. We are proud of our pure white lime stone, which is famous all over the world. Part of White house is built with these stone, parliaments of in Vienna and Budapest and a large number of other buildings in Europe

9. Mild weather – Mediterranean climate – characterized by long, hot and dry summer and short, mild and wet winters.

10. Island with most beautiful view – highest in all Adriatic Sea, 778 meters high it provides you with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable view over the islands of Hvar and Vis, and in fine weather even Italy.


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