Discover all the beauties of Brač island through great wine and food selection. If you are a foodie and wine lover this is definitely the right choice for you. Brač is one of the most beautiful islands in Adriatic Sea and it can become part of your love story.

We designed this wedding package for small wedding groups, max 20 people. Surprise your family and friends with premium wines paired with creative and tasty food courses based on local products. Small family winery in small island village creates perfect combination for personalized wedding story. Charming small village Dračevica is founded in 16th century is well known for wine, olive oil and cheese production. Small streets, stone houses and interesting architecture are part of this lovely scenario. Winery owners are very passionate about what they do, so they will give their best to present their wine and food in an extraordinary way. Together with them we’ll create intimate and romantic atmosphere in the garden of their wine cellar where you’ll experience your own fairy tale.

Contact us: weddingsbrac@gmail.com

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