JUST THE TWO OF US – Wedding package

JUST THE TWO OF US – Wedding package

We have one rule only – “Just 2 people are needed” to make a crime 🙂 and everything else we will sort easily.

To make a cute love crime we need just the two of you. If you want to be spontaneous, if you are traveling around Europe, if you are sailing along Adriatic coast, just make a short stop and get married on the island of Brač, which is perfect wedding destination.

Yes that’s right! If you decide to get married on this stunning island in Adriatic sea, just be relaxed and let us create the most intimate and romantic wedding story for you two. There is no need for anything else. We will find your best man and bridesmaid, arrange nice flowers, find perfect spot for dinner and amazing locations for best wedding photos ever.

Just put your hands together, pick a date and leave everything else to our team.

All you need is love, guys! <3

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