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Dreaming about getting married in Croatia, Brač Island? You’re on the right place! If you want an intimate and charming wedding on our island we are here to turn the most important day of your life in an extraordinary magical experience. After you decided to get married here, you need to choose what type of wedding package you want. We can arrange just ceremony or full wedding package with ceremony, dinner and party. It can be wedding for small or big group. You just need to tell us your wishes and we will find the perfect way to make your dreams come true. Weddings should be fun and your wedding day should present the two of you and your love. Love each other, laugh a lot and be relaxed and that’s the formula for a dream wedding!

Creating your life memories

We are creators of elegant and stylish events and are always trying to present unique love story and energy of each couple. Our main goal is to create unforgettable journey for each of our client in the process of a wedding planning. We are creating moments to remember to you, your family and friends. We create a moments that will always bring a smile to your face and make warmth around your heart. As much as we are passionate about planning and designing unique and unforgettable day to each client, we are also passionate about presenting our beautiful island of Brač to our clients. We plan our events and weddings while taking care of the sustainability of nature, seasonal and eco products, local and seasonal food and with love towards every different season.

Love in different languages

So far we planned a huge number of weddings, we witnessed so many “Yes, I do”, we witnessed so many first kisses, so many hugs, so many amazing vows and speeches which brought tears to our faces. We met so many amazing and inspiring people. People from all over the world. And one thing is sure “Love is common to everyone”. Here is word “Love” for all languages and countries we organized weddings so far.

Croatia • LJUBAV • England • LOVE • Germany • LIEBE • Slovenia • LJUBEZEN •Netherlands • LIEFDE • Canada • LOVE • Bosnia • LJUBAV • Poland •MIŁOŚĆ • Vietnam • YÊU VÀ QUÝ • Sweden • KÄRLEK • South Africa • LIEFDE • Finland • RAKKAUS • Australia • LOVE • Latvia • MĪLESTĪBA • Colombia • AMOR • Lithuania • MEILĖ • India • प्यार • Ireland • LOVE • Austria • LIEBE • Belgium • LIEFDE

Same sex weddings

Such a beautiful country as Croatia and this stunning island of Brač offer unique and special wedding packages to all LGTB couples. We will turn beautiful island scenarios to part of your wedding day. Choose among beaches, boat, and olive field or tell us your wishes. Don’t forget to combine your wedding with honeymoon in one of our boutique hotels or stunning island villas. Make your same-sex wedding day unforgettable for all of your family and friends. In Croatia is legal to assemble same-sex partnership, so don’t wait too long because our doors are open to all gay and lesbian couples.

Exclusive small gathering

If you are free minded, foodie, wine lover and ready for an adventure, we created a special package for you. Pop up wedding package. Exclusive small gathering. Full of emotions and amazing scenarios. We prepared different undiscovered venues. This package is created from 2 to maximum 10 people. This is magical out of the box surprise with amazing decoration and venue, top quality Croatian wine, best Chef and fine dining dinner based on a local and seasonal groceries and ingredients. Gramophone will play best vinyl sounds. Our photographer will cover each emotion, smile and enjoyment of you and your guests. Just relax and let us do what we do best. This package covers ceremony and dinner. For all the details please get in touch.

Amazing cake handpicked by us

What do you think about surprising your guests with extraordinary “cake” made with high quality cheeses from Brač? If you like this idea, let us know and we will arrange it for you. Brač island is very famous for sheep. There is more than 20 000 sheep on our island and lot of really good cheese is produced every season. Each cheese producer has own little secret which is added in recipe, and that makes each cheese very special. We think that this is really great idea for a midnight snack. And besides taste, it looks really amazing. If you are lucky enough to be here in a spring you can also taste škuta, very young cheese very often used as dessert.


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