Say Yes in 16th century castle Gospodnetić

Say Yes in 16th century castle Gospodnetić

What do you think about small, intimate and rustic wedding in castle built in 16th century? I think it’s a great idea. Unique wedding with incredible story. If you decide to do that, you need to learn everything about Gospodnetić castle built on the hill in village of Dol, during the Turkish-Venetian war. In that time, Turks were really close to Brač island, so it was used primarily to defend against possible Turkish attacks. House was rebuilt several times, but in the late 19th century was painted in characteristic red color, so today it’s even called red castle. Complete interior of 19th century has been preserved in the castle, so you can experience real vintage atmosphere during your photo shooting.

In this beautiful surrounding you can also try Hrapoćuša cake, famous cake of Brač island made of wall nuts. It’s even called “aphrodisiac from Brač”.

See you!

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